The Year-Round Program

Year-Round Lawn Care Program

The Year-Round Program can commence at any time of the year and continues throughout the year. During the course of the program, we carefully treat your lawn for weeds and pests and fertilised each season. It includes a seasonal visit (4 times per year) to keep your lawn weed-free and to keep on top of pests and diseases. The aim of the program is to keep your lawn looking green and healthy throughout the year. Besides using different fertilisers for different seasons, we provide guidance along the way to help clients achieve their expectations.


Read more about our Year-Round Program and find out how you can target unwanted weeds and grasses on a seasonal basis


Year round lawn care service


This program includes:

  • weed and pest treatments
  • fertilisation per season




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Payment terms and conditions

If you want to proceed with the Year Round Program, then please

  • email us at to confirm; or
  • phone us on 0414 717570 to ask any questions you may have.

Once we have received your confirmation, you will be placed in the program. Please note that you are still under no obligation to proceed. We will organise the run and call you to set a commencement date. It is always preferable to meet with clients but understand that most people have heavy schedules and work commitments and an initial meeting isn’t always possible. On arrival, we will assess your lawn, determine its requirements and apply the necessary products. We will then leave you with a written report on the type/s of grass/es you have and the weeds/ pests you have. It is after the completion of the first visit that you are committed to the program- an invoice will be emailed to you and will include the first visit.

As you will appreciate, there are costs involved with running a business. Chemicals and fertilisers are ordered upfront and put on an account. The accounts are strictly 30 days and I must, therefore, ask that my clients be prompt with their payments.


Year-round Program- upfront payment
$440.00 for four (4) visits throughout the year spread over the four (4) seasons.

Year-round Program- pay per visit-
$132.00/ visit

Consultation- within our designated areas
$ 99.00 for the first hour or part thereof/ $66.00/ hour hence-with

Consultation- outside our designated areas

Returning clients continuing with the program
$330.00 for four (4) visits throughout the year spread over the four
(4) seasons.

Returning clients continuing with the program-
Pay per visit
$ 99.00/ visit

Casual visits (once or twice a year) –
$ 132.00/ visit

Payment can be made by Internet transfer, cheque or cash. If you prefer to pay by Internet Bank Transfer, please use the Invoice Number as a reference.
An invoice for the whole program ($440.00) will be automatically emailed to you after the initial visit. It is a thirty day account. Those preferring to ‘pay per visit’ need do nothing. If the invoice is not paid BEFORE the thirty days, a credit note will be emailed and a ‘pay per visit’ invoice will be sent in its’ place. The ‘pay per visit’ account is STRICTLY seven days.