School Program

School Program

The School Program was introduced to help reclaim areas which have been affected by compaction through vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

The service includes:

  • Spraying of weeds
  • Deep aeration of grassed areas
  • Application of a wetting agent
  • Fertilisation of grassed areas

catsear in school lawn

Catsear and Ribwort can be unsightly in the school yard. We     can treat:

  • Common areas
  • Ovals
  • Public entrances
  • Play areas



The School Program more in detail

The first step of this program is to assess your lawn areas. We need to identify the weeds and problem areas and discuss your needs and requirements for your grassed areas in order to offer advice and ideas to help your school. After this we will email you a free, no obligation quote.

Once the quotation is accepted, we arrange a date convenient with the school to commence the program.

Step 1: Eradicate broad-leafed weeds

Initially, the areas are thoroughly sprayed, eradicating as many broad-leafed weeds as possible, including the main target weed- Bindii. The best time of year to spray for Bindii is in August and September. We generally advise that spraying be done about two weeks before the last stage, which is best carried out during the September break.

toro sprayer for lawn


We use a Toro sprayer/ spreader with a 75 litre tank to cover the larger areas in less time.






Step 2: Remove plugs of soil

Your lawn is then aerated with a motorised corer, removing plugs of soil and allowing air to penetrate under the surface.

toro stand-on aerator

Our ‘Toro Stand-On Aerator’ has a coverage of over 76cm and travels at just over 12kph which means we can cover about 9000 square metres per hour.


This process will also:

  • Oxygenate the soil
  • Allow water and nutrients to reach your lawns’ roots quickly; and
  • Improve drainage and aeration. This also allows the microorganisms in your lawn to go about their business.





plugs of soil


As you can see, long plugs of soil are removed which allows for deep roots to be fertilised more quickly, giving a better and quicker response to fertilising and top-dressing.






lawn aeration

Aerating the lawn area promotes root growth which, inevitably, results in a greener, stronger and healthier lawn. By spraying the lawn beforehand for weeds, you reduce the ‘competition’ allowing your grass to grow without impediment.

Step 3: Absorb moisture

After coring, a granular wetting agent is applied which will absorb moisture and release it over an extended period. This is especially good over the summer months of December, January and February when little rain falls and grounds begin to dry out.

A golf-course blend of fertiliser with an N:P:K ratio of 24:2:9 is also applied to strengthen the lawn and reduce stress in hot weather. The addition of 2% iron in the mix also helps to green the grass and generate growth.




wetting agent


A granulated blend of fertiliser and a high-grade wetting agent is then applied over the areas. This, not only, produces a greener lawn, it also strengthens the cells within the leaf sward to protect it from heat stress over the summer months. The added benefit of the wetting agent also allows for a slow release of moisture which will help to hydrate the lawn while your school is on break.



The process is then completed. All you need do, then, is apply a generous quantity of water over the next week to get the process activated.

School lawn before and after the school program

Within a couple of weeks, the lawn should have greened up, become stronger and started to generate new growth in preparation for the new school year.