Simple guide to laying a new lawn

wetting agent

A step by step guide to lay a new lawn with turf I’ve been noticing on ‘YouTube’ that there are a number of people offering advice on how to lay lawns. In most cases, all I can do is shake my head. Many demonstrate how to take the shortcuts when laying a lawn. Indeed, some suggest laying turf on…

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Ultimate Grass Guide

fed and unfed grass before and after

Everything you need to know about grasses Different type of grasses There are two types of grasses: cool climate grasses and warm climate grasses.   Turf grass Before reading on, I would like to point out that I have been laying lawns for over thirty years. I am not a turf grower but an end user and, for over…

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Spring care for you lawn

Daisy flower year round program

Spring Care Lawn Renovation Step by step guide to renovate your lawn during Spring Getting your lawn ready for Summer Our Spring Program is a comprehensive package which covers every facet of lawn renovation undertaken in the spring to take advantage of the season ahead. Our aim is to either rejuvenate an old lawn and to help it re-establish…

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How to combat weeds

killing weeds lawn

Complete guide to combat weeds Weeds are wind-borne; brought in by pets and people; introduced by the lawnmower man; dispersed in bird-droppings; etc. They are an ongoing enemy in one’s garden that marches on and on in an endless invasion. The good news is, in all cases, weeds can be kept under control. The bad is- they’ll keep on…

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The Year-Round Program in Detail

year round program lawn care

Target unwanted weeds, grasses and pests all year round The Year Round Program is a lawn care package designed to build a healthier, stronger and greener lawn. It includes a seasonal visit (4 times per year) to keep on top of weeds, pests and diseases. Besides this, it aims at fertilising your lawn using the correct fertilisers and rates…

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How to combat pests

Pests and lawn care In the turf industry, a pest is a generic term given to weeds, insects and diseases, alike. For now, I’m going to make it simpler by terming pests as insect invaders. Most lawn pests lay their eggs in the spring. Hereby, they give their young most of the spring, all of the summer and into…

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